Sunday, January 4, 2015

One Word - Moments

The faded letters above my classroom door read “Make moments.” Moments are the things we remember. So often, as teachers (and just being a person), we get caught up in the little things and we often lose sight of what really matters. What matters are the moments we create for our students and the moments we remember as people.

My #oneword for 2015 is “Moments”. 2015 will be filled with moments and  I want to make sure that I recognize them.

My goal is to create more moments, both personally and professionally; to savor and live in the moments when they are happening, and to remember all the moments that have gotten me to where I am today.

As the “New Year” begins, I think about the 150 students who will be returning from break and know that the moments they will have for the remainder of the year only get to happen once in their lives. It’s up to me to help my students make as many moments as they can.

Remember, we don’t get the same moment twice in our lives. Make the first one count.

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