Saturday, September 14, 2013

Back to School - Be Courageous

Be Courageous

This year I decided to set my classroom rule up based on one idea. Be courageous.

After discussing this with my classes , I shared a video about Zach Lederer. I have found that sports offer so many lessons about life, and had recalled seeing this video, Zaching: A Display Of Strength And Courage
 on ESPN. The symbol Zach uses in the video inspired me to share it with my class and encourage them to use it as a symbol of our team.

My Student’s Courageous Moment:

Tessa’s (name has been changed) class was the first one I shared it with. At the time, I wasn't even thinking about the background of the students in my class. I was thinking about what my transition would be to the class, questions I may have to answer, and just being a teacher at that moment.

After the video, I asked for some thoughts from the class and Tessa was the first to share – she said, “That happened to my brother.” Tessa’s brother had undergone brain surgery to remove a tumor when he was a student in my class a few years ago. My heart sank and I struggled to come up with the right words.

Fighting back tears, I replied “I know. He’s pretty courageous isn’t he?” She smiled, nodded her head and softly said, “Yeah, he’s very courageous”. This may have been one of the most touching/powerful moments I have ever had as a teacher and again it reminded me of what teaching is all about.

We never know the impact we will make on our students. We need to be courageous in the face of all these changes and tough times in education and do what is right, and often not easy for us to do.  Choose to be courageous today.